This is by far my favorite yoga studio. I travel a lot and am always so happy to come back to this spot. The studio is clean and odor free! It is small, with the largest class size at 14, which makes for an intimate experience and a good amount of individualized instruction. All of the teachers are not only beautiful but also inspirational yogis. Love this place!!! I always get a great workout and feel rejuvenated after class. I almost don’t want anyone to find out about this little gem but really it is awesome and should be used.

Jennifer Bolton

Albion, CA

I’ve had an active life and at 52 years old, I feel like I’m qualified to talk about the aches and pains of associated with aging. I had come to think of a stiff neck and lower back pain, limited mobility etc. as the price one pays for hard work and a life well lived. That was before I discovered yoga. I started my practice in late 2012, in one month’s time I felt 10 years younger. Since then I haven’t gone two days in a row without dedicating at least 10 minutes to my practice. Now, I am in HOT YOGA three days a week at a hot class, a warm class and restorative class (on Wednesdays), which I particularly enjoy.

Michael Rantala

Local Business Owner

As a yoga new comer, I was timid to try hot yoga, but I was pleasantly surprised of how amazing I felt after class. It is truly a wonderful work out that relieves stress and tightens muscles. I love the yoga studio, it is intimate, clean and all the instructors are attentive and encouraging.

Marianella Brey

Owner of Mantras

When I first shifted to Mendocino I didn’t expect to find hot yoga anywhere – I was a Bikram fanatic who got addicted to it in New York. And then I found HYM. Aside from loving the beautifully decorated space, I found something better than Bikram: Erin. This lady kicked my butt in a wonderful way. Strong, calm and kind, Erin puts her own creative spirit into her classes. It’s amazing. I feel strong, calm and wonderfully spent at the end of her hot yoga classes. I highly recommend it.

Angela Barnett

from New Zealand

Although I have been doing yoga since 1990, it took me a few years after they opened before I finally walked into Hot Yoga Mendocino. I kept thinking, it’s not for me, I won’t be able to do it, it will be too hot…But one day over a year ago I went in and haven’t stopped going since. It was and continues to be a physical and mental challenge that I find myself being called to – I crave it. Each of the instructors brings something different and enjoyable to their classes. Even on the cold, wet mornings when I think I want to stay in bed, I know I always feel so much better having made it to the studio. It’s a great community and one I am thankful and proud to be a part of.

Ruth Rosenblum Ephraim

Owner of Frankie's

I take classes at HYM usually two times a week or more. I feel peace, strength, and energy radiating from my core after each class. I am a mother of three and a small business owner, which leaves my time limited for working out. Therefore, it is very important for me to utilize my time in the most productive manor. I feel my workout at HYM fulfills every aspect of what I strive for in a workout, plus I get to be barefoot! The classes at HYM lead me to the sanctuary of my heart and soul and provides the motivation and inspiration I crave to get through my hectic days.

Mary McCracken

Owner of Lost Coast Surf Shack

I love coming to this jewel box of a yoga studio! Hot Yoga Mendocino has enhanced our small village and has made it a place that is truly a destination for visitors and a haven for those of us who live here. Erin has created a community of teachers and students in a space that is both nurturing and stimulating.

Amy Wall

Owner of Mendocino Beauty