The vibe at Yoga Shine is very welcoming, nurturing, and has an upbeat fun energy. When you walk through our front door you will be stepping into our awesome retail area with a variety of ridiculously cute yoga and leisure clothes, yoga mats and towels, jewelry, natural body care products and more. There will be a smiling yogi to check you in at the front desk and then you head through the sliding barn doors into the studio section to move, breathe and let go. The studio is very spacious with bamboo floors and lots of natural light. We use an Infrared Heating System to heat some of our classes.  This type of radiant heat is healthier than traditional forms of heat, as they do not blow dust or allergens. Plus, they don’t make noise. This eco-friendly type of heat also provides sun like warmth heating you up from the inside out. We absolutely love it and so do our students!

We provide a variety of different yoga classes that are heated and unheated. Offering a range of different classes to our community is something we are striving for at Yoga Shine. We are always looking to add more types of fitness classes from yoga to pilates to dance. We are in love with all sorts of movement and there are so many talented instructors here in the area, we want to offer it all! Our goal is to bring as much fitness and health opportunities to the coast here as we possibly can.  Most all of our classes are 60-75 minutes long.

Our Studio is located in the heart of the Village of Mendocino

We are surrounded by beautiful coastline here and have a loving yoga community that supports us. We feel so fortunate to be here giving the gift of yoga.


  • Class cards are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and can not be extended.
  • We don’t encourage students to show up late, but if you happen to come to class late please sneak in quietly and set up wherever you find room.
  • Please turn cell phones off or put on silent for the duration of class.