Goddess Classes Are Available Upon Request

This is a pole dancing fitness class designed just for women to have fun, play, and feel sexy while working out. Enjoy this gorgeous movement while toning and sculpting your curves. Learn to appreciate the beauty in your unique body and discover what lies beneath the surface.

If you have a group of 3 or more ladies interested in signing up to try a pole dance class please call 707-407-6085 to schedule a class.


No Dance Background Required or Needed.

Mats are provided for.


TBA: Pop up classes coming in July 2017


Class Rates

  • Introductory Class – $25 (90 min class)
  • Goddess Hour – $20 (60 min class)
  • Pole Drop-in – $30 (90 min class)
  • 5 Week Session – $150 (90 min class, 1 day a week, for 5 weeks)
  • Private Class – 1 hour duration min. (contact us to learn more)
  • Private Parties – 2 hour duration min. (contact us to learn more)
Dancing Goddess

Introductory Classes

Intro Classes are not a requirement for a 5 week session. Beginners are encouraged to try an Intro class just to get a sneak preview to see what it’s all about! These are offered once a month and they are 90 mins long. Please email, call, or check the schedule for the next intro class offered.

Goddess Hour Class

One hour of pure goddess movement. Be prepared to get super toned, stretched and feeling on top of the world! There is no pole work involved here. This class focuses on breath, strength, and your beautiful self. Experience a combination of pilates, yoga, dance and goddess gorgeousness. You wont want to miss this hour of the day!

Pole Drop-in

This class is for all levels including first time students. Class will begin with a lucious yet challenging warm up and move into Pole Tricks that are appropirate for what ever level you are at. This class is very upbeat and fun. You will walk away feeling totally in your body.

5 Week Session

This class meets once a week for a 90 min class over 5 weeks. These classes will begin with a goddess warm up, introduce new pole tricks, review pole tricks previously taught and includes a variety of dance movements that are sexy, fun and toning your body in ways you never thought possible. Each students works at their appropriate level.

What to Bring / Wear

  • Water Bottle
  • Comfortable clothes to move and exercise in

Dancing Goddess is More Than Just a Workout

Walk away feeling like a new woman ready to embrace the rest of your day confident and totally in your body!

About the Instructor

Erin Evans
Erin Loomis

Dancing Goddess Instructor

Erin’s journey into Pole Dancing is one she never expected to find. She took her first pole dancing class with a friend, just for fun, at a well established studio with a great reputation in San Francisco called S Factor. One class is all it took and she was hooked for good. Driving 3 hours one way to take class once a week might sound crazy to some, but that is how much she loved this class. This journey slowly began to change her life and no doubt her body too. Before she knew it she was signing up for the Teacher Training Course and took it to the next level.  Erin is committed to giving the women of Mendocino the same amazing class and experience that the women in the city have access to.  She is dedicated to finding more ways for people to enhance their lives, appreciate and heal their bodies through all different types of movement. Come see where your journey takes you. Please feel free to contact Erin with questions.